Welcome to our new Globetrotters blog. We are very excited to be representing global learning in our school. Look out for us around school, we will be wearing special blue lanyards so staff and children know that we are a global rep.

We will be doing lots of exciting activities during our club and we will be updating our blog each week. Every half term we will make a broadcast in the TV studio that will be shared on here, on the website and around school.

Meet our global mascot Peter! He will be jetting off around the world and inspiring our topics for each week.

peter pooch



Project Gambia

We have started making our posters for our charity day in the Summer, these will be posted in our year groups and shown to everyone in assembly. Globetrotters will be sharing the plan of the day with each year group 🙂

Mini debate

In our club yesterday we learnt about global goal four – quality education. We talked about what this really meant and the difference between education and quality education. We then looked at photographs from the schools Half Dye and Hanna Vibe in the Gambia, and compared these with our school. We then had a mini debate about the motion: school should be free to all children.

My day your day…

We had a great session yesterday learning about The Gambia.

We were shown some pictures and had to deduce and infer where in the world we thought they were from. Then we created our own captions for each picture

We then looked at a diary belonging to a nine year old girl living in a Gambian village. We compared her day with ours, can you remember how yours was similar or different?

Project Gambia

We are hoping to host a fundraising day for Project Gambia in the Summer Term. Today we mind mapped some ideas about what activities we could do in the day. We had some great ideas for fundraisers from quizzes about teachers to a staff car wash and much more!


Pancake day!

We had fun learning about Pancake Day and Ash Wednesday, and how this is celebrated around the world. Then we designed our favourite pancake with toppings. What would yours be?

No name calling week!

We had fun learning about no name calling week and suggested ways that we could support this during school. We came up with a list of ideas, one suggestion was to pick a secret student for the day and be extra kind to them then they have to guess who their secret student was. We created kindness wordles for our classroom displays…


Happy New Year!

Welcome back globetrotters! We had a great first session back after Christmas as we focused on our senses. We discussed World Braille Day and why it is so important. We then created our own name card using the Braille alphabet and had to guide our partner around the year four building with precise instructions. It was very challenging!

Christmas Fayre!

We have been busy making labels for our hot chocolate reindeer gifts. We had to agree on what to include on the label, such as the name of the gift, the ingredients and the instructions.

Shoe boxes!

We have had a great day putting together Christmas shoe boxes ready to send out to the children in The Gambia. We hope they like them! Thank you so much for your lovely donations, we are very grateful.

Then we ended the day with some biscuits and squash 🙂

Shoe boxes!

Our globetrotters have been busy making posters to support the shoe box appeal with Project Gambia. We are donating gift boxes to children in The Gambia so that they have something to open at Christmas. If you have any unwanted toys, games, cuddly toys, pencils, books and other stationary items please send them our way! Please don’t go to any expense though, thank you 🙂