Welcome to our new Globetrotters blog. We are very excited to be representing global learning in our school. Look out for us around school, we will be wearing special blue lanyards so staff and children know that we are a global rep.

We will be doing lots of exciting activities during our club and we will be updating our blog each week. Every half term we will make a broadcast in the TV studio that will be shared on here, on the website and around school.

Meet our global mascot Peter! He will be jetting off around the world and inspiring our topics for each week.

peter pooch



Arty afternoon!

We looked carefully at the global goals no hunger and no poverty. We created some art work in response to this using pointillism. We drew around our hands as a sign to show we are saying no to world hunger. Hopefully these will go with our other projects on display!


We had a great first meeting and have enjoyed welcoming the new start to our club. This week we talked about the club code of conduct and elected roles for the group. We have a chairperson, deputy chairperson, secretary, treasurer, register, assistant and IT specialists. We are looking forward to the next few weeks!

Global Art Day!

Our year 4 globetrotters had a lovely morning creating some global art with other schools in the Stour Valley area. We drew around images of our hands and decorated them using the skill pointillism. By doing this it was a way for us to say no to hunger and poverty around the world as we were focusing on the first two global goals. This art work will be displayed in Stourbridge town hall, so watch this space!

All about me boxes!

Our new globetrotters enjoyed an afternoon at Hob Green where we contributed to all about me boxes to send to the Gambia. We enjoyed working with other schools in the borough and meeting new people. We shared our likes, dislikes and our interests. We can’t wait to receive some replies!

Welcome back…

Welcome back globetrotters! We had a great year last year and we took part in so many great things such as our Gambian forest school, whole school charity day and the great get together.

This year will be even better as we have more lovely things lined up. Keep checking our blog to see what we have been up to throughout the year.

Spread reading around for a pound!

On Friday 21st October we had a great day because the whole school took part in a charity day to raise money for the Baobab Reading Scheme: spread reading around for a pound. Everyone wore their own clothes and donated £1. The money raised will help provide a school in The Gambia with a reading scheme.

Globetrotters helped deliver the assembly to all children with Miss Ward. We talked about our rights as children and explained why we were doing this. Children discussed the question would we still learn to read with no books?

Our globetrotters were the media team for the school and went around taking photos of each year group. Each year group made book marks and reading critters to send over to the children in The Gambia. Year six children came to read with year two children…spreading reading around! It was a brilliant day, thank you for your support 🙂

World Food Week!

We were very excited to take part in world food week (17-21st October). It was great to taste all the different foods from around the world.

We were joined by Marcela at Unilever who delivered an assembly to explain why we were taking part in this amazing cause. She explained how there are children just like us around the world who cannot afford a meal. By taking part in world food week in our school, we created opportunities for children in hard to reach areas to have a meal.

Thank you for your support everyone 🙂

Welcome back!

Welcome back to our globetrotters for a brand new year of globetrotting adventures. We created brand new lanyards and established our club rules for the year.

Keep up to date with all of our experiences 🙂

News just in!

We are busy planning our news broadcast at Peters Hill. This week we have organised our broadcast into sections. We have weather, local news (globetrotters so far), Project Gambia, schools around the world, India and interview the teacher. Is there anything else that we could include?

We are going to be deciding the globetrotters logo this week, thank you for your designs they are great!

Watch this space…