Welcome to our new Globetrotters blog. We are very excited to be representing global learning in our school. Look out for us around school, we will be wearing special blue lanyards so staff and children know that we are a global rep.

We will be doing lots of exciting activities during our club and we will be updating our blog each week. Every half term we will make a broadcast in the TV studio that will be shared on here, on the website and around school.

Meet our global mascot Peter! He will be jetting off around the world and inspiring our topics for each week.

peter pooch


Fair trade

We had a great session learning about fair trade and what this means for everyone involved in the sale of bananas from the farmer to the supermarket. We debated who should receive the most money and why, and we had to present our arguments to the group.

A reminder there is no globetrotters next week because it is parents evening 🙂

Welcome back!

We had a great session today! We talked about global goal one and poverty. We then debated: “Poverty is the government’s problem” It was interesting to hear everyone’s responses!


Global Goals

Yesterday we continued our debate and discussion about the 17 Global Goals. We had to use our reasoning and knowledge to try and put the goals in order of importance. We then worked in teams to research more about them before turning this into a script for our video.


Welcome to our new members! Today we talked about our roles in the group and started making bunting for our new display 🙂


Thank you

Can’t believe it was our last session before the Summer holidays! Thank you for being such dedicated globetrotters. We compared different houses and then debated what makes a home a home. We then talked about what we couldn’t live without.

Have a lovely Summer and thank you for your hard work this year 🙂

Mr Bean…

We moved our learning on from sustainability to sustainable farming, and we talked about the differences between factory farms and sustainable farms. Children identified ways that they could support their own local farms before planting their own bean to grow at home. We are hoping to create our own little allotment in school.

Globetrotter trip to Hob Green

Some of our globetrotters attended Hob Green Primary School today to take part in a workshop about plastic pollution. We enjoyed working with other schools to learn about recycling, reducing and reusing our waste, and created some excellent art work using recycled bottle tops.

Project Gambia

We have started making our posters for our charity day in the Summer, these will be posted in our year groups and shown to everyone in assembly. Globetrotters will be sharing the plan of the day with each year group 🙂